Mode 2 Ghost 5″ Frame

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The only frame guaranteed to make your opponents blood run cold, and when it comes to racing in any sport, the name of the game is death.  No wait, efficiency.  Yeah, efficiency; how to accomplish the most with the least.  This was the approach taken to designing and testing the Mode 2 Ghost.  Mode 2 wanted to use the least amount of material possible, to build the lightest and strongest frame possible.

Mode 2 - Ghost FPV Frame

The Ghost is a startling 55 grams and has a minimalist stretch-X profile that minimizes air resistance like wispy souls leaving the plane of existence.  With all that alarming speed comes a risk of damage, so we’ve made the Ghost out of 3K matte-finish carbon with 4mm arms and a 3mm top plate that will withstand most chilling impacts.

Many frames suffer from arms that will become loose and sway over time, an unnerving flaw. The Mode 2 Ghost frame has 2 aluminum lock-nuts on each arm to ensure the arms stay secured against the body.  The arms also adjoin shockingly snug against one another, and the force of the flange nuts hold each arms securely in place.  The entire assembly is held in place by titanium fasteners.

DIMENSIONS 210mm Stretch X
DRILL PATTERN Flight Controller: 30.5×30.5mm / 20x20mm
Motors: 22xx/23xx
Matte Finish
2mm Top Plate
3mm Bottom Plate
4mm Arms
HARDWARE Titanium Fasteners (x12)
4x16mm, 4x12mm, 4x6mmAluminium Standoffs (x4)
25mmM3 Nylock Flange Nuts (x8)
CAMERA Micro / Mini.
TPU Camera Mount (x2).
*Please note, during assembly, 4 of the 8 flange nuts are to be placed beneath the standoffs, giving proper stack clearance and camera travel.
**Please note, this frame is made specifically for Micro/Mini cameras.
Weight 5 oz