Azure Power 5150 Race Tri Blade Props (2CW/ 2CCW)


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Azure 5150 Race Poly Carbonate Props!!


FPV racing is all about speed, so from the start of designing this propeller,
we took special consideration of Fluid Mechanics. The new blades are designed
with a curved shape. What’s more, we rebuilt the blade shape, angle of attack
(Stalling), while considering different rotational speeds, to balance,
lift and drag for an excellent combination. Comparing to most other props,
there is a reduction in overall power consumption, which in turn raises the
over efficiency.

Extreme Durability

We have taken durability to a new level. Starting over from the
ground up,we have designed a propeller-like no other, using a new
blend of materials that focus on durability and performance.


The brand-new Azure power 5150 Race prop brings a smoother and responsive feel,
which guarantees precise performance while flying in a high speed. The changes
are most noticeable in Extreme cornering, decelerating and changing of direction.
With the added winglets, dreaded prop wash is reduced, at the same time increasing
efficiency which makes a more stable flying prop regardless of speed. This Propeller
is perfect for Freestyle pilots and racers alike!

Vibration Free

We are fully obligated to bring customers high-end products. This means simply, we attach importance to quality.
Each of the blades is controlled at 0.007gram just for balancing the flying and cause zero vibration while flying.



Rosy color

4 props included (2CW/ 2CCW)

Weight 1 oz